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SEO Techniques – An Introduction

Posted on: June 18, 2011

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, is well known term in Internet world. When a person owns a website for running business or for any purpose, he must need to make it enough popular among people, SEO is the ultimate way to make anyone’s website visible in Search Engine’s first page. We will discuss the details and the facts which are involved in doing so.

Before going through the SEO, we must learn the terminologies of various internet wordings like:

  • Basic SEO – Title, Description, Keyword Meta Tags
  • Content Rich- Content containing proper Keywords
  • SERP – Search Engine Result Page
  • Page Rank – Rank of a page by Google known by its popularity
  • Link Building – Making one-one, one-many links to same and to the other sites
  • Social Media Bookmarking – Bookmarking the things to make it indexed in Search Engines
  • Social Media Networking- To get the visitors in speedy way e.g. Facebook, Hi5, Twitter etc

In my next post I’ll give proper ways to do SEO in simple and faster way.




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