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Windows 7: The Best by Microsoft

Posted on: March 25, 2010

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In November 1985, Microsoft first released its Graphical User Interface (GUI) DOS operating system. At that time, it was very progressive step from Microsoft to make such graphical interface, inspired from Apple Lisa, which used Interface Manger for GUI. Windows crossed the level of heights gradually in a sequence starting from Windows 3.0, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Windows XP and Win 7 are the most famous products by Microsoft. Windows Vista gave a better look but not as Windows 7.

  • Windows 7 is not only giving an excellent look also providing an outstanding functionality.
  • Its Boot up time is even less than Windows XP
  • Transparency effects adds more glow  and attraction to appearance
  • Finding hardware drivers in Win 7 Is very simple and easy
  • Using Hardware tools are now very straightforward and anyone can use those tools
  • It has Auto recovery system both after booting and before booting
  • Network sharing is very simple and convenient
  • Almost bug free windows: no major bus seen
  • Very strong exception handling way has been adopted in it
  • More secure than other windows
  • Organized programs, features and control panel items
  • Themes are very attractive and heart touching
  • Battery consumption in laptops by win7 is reasonable
  • Wireless and Blue-tooth connection making and sharing is effectively easy
  • All featured programs run under strong security and recoverable mode
  • Almost crash proof windows
  • Very reliable and dependable windows

I have mentioned very less but main features. Most of the general user is dependent on Windows Operating System but the change, which Microsoft has introduced in win7, is very considerable. What a person wants? Functionality and reliability with the best appearance

However, in appearance Microsoft Windows 7 comparison with Apple Macintosh, is just a silly thing because where Microsoft is right now (in graphics), Apple did that many years ago. However, the software distribution and platform usage is significantly stronger and superior than Apple Mac.
In my next post, I will tell in details about features of Windows 7.


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  • Ali: Windows 7 is really very best version of windows by Microsoft. But I am having a problem, my windows is getting slower and slower.. and dont know how


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